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Gustavo Frigerio - Actor and theatre director. He created several theatre pieces where different disciplines are employed according to a rigorous structure, an almost musical score.

The relationship between form, meaning and reality is the constant field of his exploration and has assumed different aspects during the years.
More recently he began a research on some of the texts that mark the evolution of modern theatre: Vestire gli ignudi  by Luigi Pirandello (2003, C.R.T. Milano, Theatre de la Bastille, Paris); Così è, se vi pare by Luigi Pirandello (2003, C.D.N.A. Grenoble);
Les Nègres by Jean Genet, with African artists (2007, Roma, locanda Atlantide and Festival I Solisti del Teatro); Bodas de sangre by Federico Garcia Lorca (2011, Lausanne, Paris Festival On n'arrete pas le theatre, Polverigi Inteatro.

Besides directing he has always been engaged in developing a personal approach to teaching acting. His experience is based on the work of Grotowski and Zigmunt Molik, a long practice of dance technique and tai-chi-chuan.
He has given workshops through all Europe: TheatreSchool in Amsterdam; Theatre des Arts in Paris; De Bewegung in Antewerpen; Scuola d'Arte Drammatica Paolo Grassi in Milano; Plesni Teater in Lubiana; Studio al Porto in Rotterdam and is regularly teaching in L'Ecole de Theatre des Tentureries in Lausanne.




Destruction & Reconstruction of the MotheraGustavo-7422

DESTRUCTION is smashing everything. In terms of a relationship with others, there is total rejection and destruction. Terrible violence and humiliating depression. One remains motionless facing fear. I am the bad mother. It is the disappearance of the beloved object. Guilt leads to passivity. We return to our lair to develop a strategy, recover, reorganize.

RECONSTRUCTION means that you have found a solution to the problem. We see more clearly. You're active again. You have found confidence. In relations with others, repair and reconciliation were reached. Things are back to normal. There is new hope and love. The good mother.
(from a text of Louise Bourgeois)















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