ARCHIVE: 3rd Xplore Rome Festival on 19th+20th+21st of June 2015

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xp-festival... is a three-day event on creative sexuality, BDSM, body work, dance, performance and ritual.

... offers more than 40 workshops, demonstrations, lectures and performances on different aspects and variations of sexuality.

... presents unusual individuals who play with, work with, and explore the phenomenon of sexuality. Individuals who have developed amazing techniques and rituals on their way. These forms are as varied as sexuality itself.  more...

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The Family
"Feeling protected. Feeling Supported. Feeling encouraged. Feeling seen. Feeling loved. Feeling endangered. Feeling repressed. Feeling Humiliated. Feeling rejected. Feeling punished...."
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The Xplore Innovation
An article by Dr. Peter Banki


All workshops are learner-centred and for every-body. Even though some workshops may be quite physical, sexual contact as such is in no way required to participate and enjoy..  more...

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The Xplore Rome 2015 Festival took place at:

Borgo Paola
I-00062 Bracciano-Pisciarelli ROMA



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Friday 19.06.2015

11:00h - 12:30h Destruction & Reconstruction of the Mother
Gustavo Frigerio
Italian with translation
Neo Tantra
Andrea & Christian
Intertwined. Like Trees
Gaia Chon
Italian with translation
13:00h - 14:30h The Concept of "MA" in Japanese Bondage
Riccardo Wildties
Italian with translation
Andreas Kalamos
Italian with translation
Rebirthing in Water
Gabriella Giunta
Italian with translation
14:30h - 16:00h Lunchbreak  
16:00h - 17:30h Conscious Kink
Ruby May

English with translation
Kinky Breathing
Maranta Rubiera

Italian with translation
Bowl & Body Vibrations
Cloe Intrecciacuori
Italian with translation
18:00h - 19:30h SoloSex and Self Love
Pia Struck

English with translation
Mental Bondage
English with translation
Water Bondage

Italian with translation
20:00h - 21:30h Orgasm Celebration
Pia Struck

English with translation
 Weight of Love
Xa Na
Italian with translation
Erotic Temporary Tattoos
Andreas Kalamos
Italian with translation


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