The Family


Feeling protected. Feeling Supported. Feeling encouraged. Feeling seen. Feeling loved.

Feeling endangered. Feeling repressed. Feeling Humiliated. Feeling rejected. Feeling punished.


Xplore Rome 2015aParadoxa-1020423-Con wishes to take you on a journey - back to where it all started, back home. Where you were innocent and hungry for life, eager for new experiences and open for change and transformation. To xplore your roots, your basics, your ground. To acknowledge what formed and conditioned you. To understand what turns you on - so you can play with it. In order to let go of what you think you are. To help you to xplore a different self, a different sexuality. To find new friends and a new family.

We therefore put a program together that offers experiences such as rebirthing in water and being held in bondage, workshops where you can play with hierarchy and gender or reflect on love & relationship and much more. We provide a space of acceptance, complicity and humour, where you can let go of fear, shame, guilt, prejudices and preconceptions... and simply enjoy what is good for you.

Welcome to our play ground.

Felix Ruckert, February 2015



Photo: MoBoFoTo©2013