Maranta Rubiera



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Maranta Rubiera:  Breathing yoga teacher and award winning erotic writer.

As a certified yoga teacher she has focused in Pranayam (breathing yoga) techniques, applying them in specialized lessons for all fields, from acting to public speaking and health treatments. Being also a shibari model, she has been able to adapt several pranayam exercises to the kinky experience, an unusual but surprisingly logical match between antique wisdom and contemporary sex. Maranta shares that knowledge during workshops she offers to the BDSM community as she travels the world. She tends to the vanilla community as well, giving “sensual breathing” workshops to fire them up a bit.

Maranta is also an erotic writer, her first novel in Spanish “Hembra” (“Female”) about travel+sex was awarded with the xPlora prize in 2013. The second novel is on the making, ropes and BDSM are included.




Kinky BreathingMaranta-WSkinky

Breath control can boost our kinky experience and make it more intense and lucid. In this workshop we will apply antique yoga breathing techniques to kinky practices through practical exercises. We will learn how to expand lung and retention capacity, how to manage pain and emotions through breathing, how to listen to (and control) our partner’s breath patterns. At the end we will be able to integrate our conscious breathing into the rhythm of our kinky play.

Everyone can participate, no previous yoga experience is required.

Materials: yoga mats or similar

Languages: English, Italian








The Pack

In this experiment we will become breathing beings. Our bodies’ only objective will be to breath, to feed with energy through our breathing. No ideas, no concepts, no structures, we will just be organic machines, a bit like animals, breathing. We will then form our own packs, like choosing our own new family, but only by instinct. Inhaling, sniffing, sensing. Who will we consider one of our own when we are purely energetic and breathing beings? Who will we choose to have beside us, to protect and nurture each other, to make us feel alive?

Materials: yoga mats or similar

Languages: English, Italian