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Pia Struck from Denmark has more than 20 years of experience as a sex therapist, orgasm coach, speaker and trainer. She has done a four year Body and psychotherapeutic training at the "Institute for Creative Psychotherapy." She was trained by Betty Dodson from the United States. She is one of only a few who work in her practice in Europe, including orgasm and masturbation courses and has helped both women and men to become multi-orgasmic. She guides people to come into contact with a creative sexuality in which one feels a sense of abundant energy in one’s life. In a safe environment the participants gets the opportunity to build sexual self-confidence and reach their full sexual potential.




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SoloSex and Self Love

Pia Struck is Scandinavia's orgasm queen, no doubt. She organizes courses for both men and women in solo sex healing and the fine arts of orgasms.

Our body has many possibilities to feel pleasure, and in order to let in more pleasure and greater orgasms it´s good to know your body and it's way to respond to touch, movement and sound.

When Pia Struck teaches about solosex and orgasms she usually use the mixing console metaphor. She lets her audience imagine a bit table with a bunch of sliders, which allows you to determine how much of the various controls you use and how they together can create a beautiful melody...

The more body awareness you have, to more you open up to pleasure.

Pia Struck want to invite more pleasure in the world. And she's happy to show you hands-on how you can play with your body to create maximum pleasure.

How can you , for example, use your breathing to increase pleasure ?
How can you use your voice ?
How can you move your hips to increase the energy in your body?
Where and how can you touch yourself in general and sex in particular to build up horniness ?
How can you fantasize to increase your pleasure ?
What else can you do to encourage you to pleasure ?

Your sexuality is yours, your pleasure is yours and therefore it's good to start with knowing how your own body reacts to physical contact, words or thoughts. When you know your own body, it's easier to enjoy with others.

Pia Struck leads a workshop on solosex , self love and the art of getting better orgasms, a workshop that usually belong to one of the festival's most frequented.
"The more orgasms you have, the more people want and I help people to become more orgasmic" says wonderful Pia Struck.


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