Gabriella Giunta



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Gabriella Giunta

Holistic Practitioner - Physiotherapist, Rebrithter and Bodyworker.

After obtaining a diploma in "Transformational Breathwork" 1st and 2nd level, with others, Gabriella works on the body and mind using Postural Techniques , Static Global Reharmonization, Shiatsu and REBIRTHING.

Expert sensory stimulation is often requested as a consultant throughout Italy.

Experiment with success and dedication even paths Tantric Breath and Emotional Breath, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Bioenergetics, Sensitive-Gestalt-Massage (SGM).

His path intersects with shamanism which Gabriella draws strength and inspiration to create hybrids involving sensory soul also seen as more subtle level.




Rebirthing in WaterGabri-WS

Water, better if cold, evokes contact with fear, letting us go can help to overcome it and to gain intense love for our body back.

Water rebirthing works on overcoming the fear, pushing death and excessive control out.
We'll work on turning them into a great confidence, intense pleasure, vitality and acceptance of a free joined sexuality.

A controlled breathe can connect us to our fears, letting the tensions out, understanding the feelings evoked by the training and the cold water, in order to transform them into self-confidence.
Liberation, pleasure, love for their bodies and their sexuality.
Going deeply, we can explore the connection between water and sexuality, using it to set our one free from boundaries an prejudice.

There will be a gradually work through alternated session of breathing and relaxation to gently push on the emotional blocks that may restrict the flow. The workshop then will continue in an indoor space, near the pool, to proceed with relaxation and emotional sharing.

The workshop is aimed at those who want to overcome their fears, who constantly struggle with the fear of letting go, to those in need to increase their vitality, deep emotions and intense contact, to those who want to experience a deep trust and love in their body, exploring the dynamic voltage-drop-ecstasy.

bathrobe towels and blankets
mattresses, pillows, snorkling tube,
Optional but useful: nose clips, swimming goggles, ear plugs if needed.



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