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Xa Na - Born in Orvieto (Italy) the 20/08/1976.
Italian D.O.C., Xa Na is a Shiatsu Therapist since 2000.


Assistant and Coach for professional operators, she keeps on writing her pathways including holistic and sensory culture, working on multiple levels.
Experimenter and self-taught, Xa Na is continuing her training regarding the masage and physical stimulation.
She often enjoys mixing Aikido knowledge and her own experiences about body and mind contamination.




The Weight of LoveXaNa-WS

Use our strength on our partner, to make feel our presence in a decisive way can serve to establish a precise communication.

Sometimes only use force to open up new roads may remain liable to fade the dimension in which we are aware of the perception we have of the other, and his/her answers.

Use your weight on our partners to apply pressure in the approach to the body means letting gravity do most of the work, to dedicate ourselves fully to achieve the levels of communication very deep.

This workshop is specifically designed to be proposed within the Xplore context, and its purpose is to give the participants some tools to approach the body of the other using some of the principles and techniques of Shiatsu, such as the use of the weight of its own body to make a pressure on very specific areas of the body, in order to obtain a wide range of sensations to give and to be used as a stimulus for new couple dimensions.

During the course of the workshop the focus will be brought also on the work of proprioception and the basics for safety.

1) PRELIMINARY PHASE – Work about proprioception, experiences of self-massage, experience of self-discovery through self touch, experiences of its own weight, safety (which are the areas in the human body you should apply pressure and which not).

2) EXECUTIVE PHASE –Experiences of touch on the body of the other, choice a partner and execution of some massage techniques-pressure (eg. Work on the area of the pelvis for the stimulation of sexual energy, deep work on the feet, work on the walk standing on the body of the other). Each experience will be repeated by exchanging the roles between "active" and "passive" and swapping partners.


− Gym mats or blankets



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