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Andreas Kalamos, self-taught in sketching and pictorial arts, he merges drawing with improvisation acting and showing an early penchant for theatrics and busking. He has a knack for getting a crowd involved in performance shows as interactive happenings.
Eclectic an explorer of expression forms, runs the gamut between conventional erotic comics and improptu shows with temporary and edible tattoos.
He gets involved in the tickling scene as an erotic act in late 2003, publishes a tickling-themed portfolio through MTJ Pub around 2006.
With "The Art of Tickling" show, he's resident performer at Decadence underground lifestyle events, and La Regina Nera BDSM parties, in Bologna: his aim is portraying tickling as a deeply sensual and erotic act, with deeper and more adult nuances as an empirical probing of non-verbal body responses.
In 2014, together with holistic healer Ambrosia, he turns tickling into a form of tactile probing, which he called "Solleticomanzia", Italian for "Ticklemancy".




Tickling is usually seen as something childish, puny or downright obnoxious.
The workshop's chief objective is portraying tickling as a mature and nuanced practice.

Tickling as a workshop is conceptually divided into three parts.
At its rawest, tickling can elicit deeply moving responses, through carefully blended stimuli.
In testing body reactions, tickling turns into an empirical investigation about dormant tactil sensations.

Ticklissage and Chatouissage are an advanced form of erotic tickling.
Portmanteau words for Tickling/Chatouille + Massage, they can rely on a holistic healer's expertise too, in emphasizing erotic or relaxing response in tickling sessions, respectively.





Temporary Erotic TattoosAndreas-WS2

We're talking about the sensual practicing of body drawnings as aim and sublimacy of tickling.
The workshop will explore meanings and dinamics that bound the artistic flowing of colours and tools on the body together with the consequent constellations of feelings it makes possibile and real.

















Portrait photo: © Christian Ebensperg