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Riccardo Sergnese aka Wildties, is an Italian rigger and rope artist.

Kinkster since ever, he's introduced to BDSM in his thirties. A couple of years later he discovers rope, and especially Japanese rope bondage that he starts to study and practice with the aid of his model Redsabbath.
Today he is no more focused on technique as much as he is focused in the connection and feelings that a session of Kinbaku-Shibari can give to  rigger and model.
Since 2012 he is being performing and teaching throughout all Europe. He is the founder of KinbakuLuXuria.

At the end of 2012, seduced and inspired by the work of Akira Naka, he starts exploring a new style mainly based on the use of ropes as a mean of aesthetic erotic torture. He devotes himself totally to Semenawa focusing his bondage on a very traditional Japanese style.





The Concept of "MA" in Japanese BondageRiccardo-WS

According to Luciana Galliano " MA is a word present in Japanese language in countless expressions , both colloquial and specialist . It indicates an entity ' between ': a time between two events , a space between things , the relationship between two people or even between two different moments of the same subject , in everyday life , in martial arts , art, and theater . In this subtle "something" lies the peculiarity , the possibility itself of the refined Aesthetic Japanese sensibility. "
In this workshop we will explore the various expressions of " MA " in different arts and disciplines and we’ll learn to use " MA " to create a more beautiful Bondage, but also more powerful and deep in terms of communication with the partner .
We'll find out that we all have and apply " MA ", focusing on the difference between a good " MA " and a bad " MA " .

3 jute or hemp ropes of 7/8 meters



Free Stile Bondage

Tying without defined patterns, or as we say “freestyle” is a very funny way to do Bondage. However, even freestyle has its rules without whom Bondage is most likely to be not functional neither aesthetically pleasing, and it can as well turn dangerous.
During this workshop we will learn the few basic rules that will allow us to have fun creating totally original ties, safe, tight and aesthetically pleasing .

Equipment : 6 jute or hemp ropes of 7/8 meters.

Experience required:
Knowing how to tie a good double column tie.