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Cloe Intrecciacuori

Cloe is passionate about esotericism and studies altered states of consciousness; since 2011, together with her partner, she is experimenting with sound massages using singing bowls, just for this purpose.
She practices this kind of massage for single or couples in Rome, combining it with practices aimed at balancing the male and female aspects of the individual, as well as the energy points of the chakras and with the aid of guided visualizations.
Cloe is also a creator and connoisseur of ancient and modern female and male initiation rites to sacred sexuality. As part of the neo-pagan spirituality which she follows, she is a proponent of the journey of reappropriation of the sacred feminine, using the sound massages also as an harmonizer of the cyclical feminine energies, on the trail of authors like Miranda Gray and Leda Bearné.

In the BDSM scope, she studied as rigger with Maestro BD and Red Lily, and actively participates to BDSM events such as Ritual, Torture Garden, Flirt, La Rosa e le Spine, where she also acts as a performer.





Bowl & Body VibrationsCloe-WS_campana


Human body is full of energy waves, spreading among organs and making it a musical instrument. If frequencies are not “clean” in some regions, due to psycho - physical problems, there will be an energy stagnation, like a block. Bells can take the body energy balance back working on chackras as well. Sonorous massage using ringing bells, also called sound therapy, can guarantee a deep relaxation and a total body wellness, letting water inside our body amplifying the vibrations through the whole body.
We'll work on stimulating vital energy, facilitate body and mind relaxation, and improve breathing. We'll also learn how to fight insomnia, get the concentration better, and to synchronize cerebral hemisphere.

Please bring with you:
A towel
Yoga mat
Swuim Suit

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