Gaia Chon



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Gaia Chon - is an actress and performer.

She loves to alternate art and research approaching studies about Tibetan Buddhism and Hindu meditation. Gaia is also an accredited holistic counselor belonging to SIAF.

Her path is including body language, theater and yoga.

She lives in Bologna where she leads groups and yoga danced demonstrations, including "Rosa rosae: declinations of a Goddess”, laboratories related to self expression, photography and video projects, and she runs "Timangioamore", a blog about sexuality, eroticism and love.

Creator and presenter of “Psycho-patico Party” in Bologna, Italy, Gaia promotes, together with Andreas Kalamos and Ambrosia Gaia, "Chatoiussage": contamination between art Tickling, divination and awakening energy.





Intertwined. Like TreesGaia-WS

Yoga is the proper way to find the connection we lost with our self expression, at its best if we can concentrate in knowingly working on soles of the feet, but also the pelvis and perineum.

If this primordial force, at times mystical at times sexual, will be activated, there will be a chance to find ourselves really focused, like trees: strong, stable, in their individuality.

At the same time, there will be place for security and inner peace, fighting with barriers that sometimes hinder and ruin relationships.

Thanks to simple and effective yogic positions we will wake our senses and the kundalini energy up, since the last one is too often dormant within us.